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Sample Job Offer for ESL/EFL Teaching jobs 


This is a sample Offer (standard) and can vary from school to school, but that's the average:


1.    School address?    Upon request

2.        Expected Arrival Time: Year round (Tourist visa or Regular visa)

3.       Numbers of foreign teachers at school? English (1 to 5) depends

4.       Student age? Elementary (70%), Secondary (30%)

5.       Class size? 8~12

6.       Teaching hours (class schedules please)?

8am - 2pm OR  2pm - 8:00pm 

7.       NO Weekend classes

8.       Distance between accommodation and the school?     10min

9.       Salary range?     2mil - 2,500,000 ~  won    

10.    Health insurance coverage? YES

11.    Description of accommodation?    Single housing

12.    Round trip air ticket? Yes

13.    Vacation?       10 -30 days



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