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TOEIC: Test Of English for International Communications

 TOEIC test or exam is getting more popular and many international students are required to take the TOEIC to enter the university. The score can vary from university to another. You see sample TOEIC test, and how to your level is scored in the test. It is highly recommended that you take a look at the sample tests before taking the actual exam of TOEIC.


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Book description: Kaplan's TOEIC Exam, Second Edition is a unique combination of intensive English review and state-of-the-art listening comprehension and pronunciation practice. With this powerful combination, TOEIC Exam, Second Edition provides you with a complete and highly effective preparation program to help you maximize your score.

This comprehensive guide includes:



  • Intensive English review


  • In-depth listening comprehension practice


  • Complete reading skills review


  • All question types covered


  • Vocabulary-building tools


  • Full-length practice test with detailed explanations for every answer


  • Focused practice exercises


  • Word lists and study aids


Special audio CD features:



  • Complete preparation for the Listening Comprehension section


  • In-depth vocabulary practice


  • Helpful pronunciation guide


  • Exclusive tips and strategies:


  • Manage study time more effectively


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  • Build speed and accuracy


Excerpt. ? Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

Chapter One: Taking the TOEIC

What's In This Chapter



  • What is the TOEIC?


  • An Overview of the Test


  • Filling Out Forms


  • Kaplan's Key TOEIC Strategies


  • General Test Directions


What is the TOEIC? and Other Common Questions

Before we start looking at the questions on the TOEIC, we'll give you some background information about the TOEIC.

What is the TOEIC?

The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is designed to test your ability to understand English as it is used in international business and other professional situations. The TOEIC covers two main areas: your ability to understand real-life conversations in English, and your ability to read materials in English, such as manuals, reports, advertisements, periodicals, correspondence, and technical articles. The language tested on the TOEIC is not specialized language. It is the everyday language that people use in the workplace when talking about their jobs and business and when they are talking to friends or acquaintances about common subject areas such as health, weekend activities, and travel.

Who Produces the TOEIC?

The TOEIC was developed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), a private, not-for-profit corporation located in Princeton, New Jersey, in the United States. ETS is a leading center for educational and psychometric research in the United States and is well known as an organization that prepares and administers a variety of tests for school, college, and graduate program admission as well as occupational and professional certification and licensing.

Who Uses the TOEIC?

Corporations and government offices worldwide use the TOEIC for many reasons:



  • To assess how well their current employees understand English


  • For hiring new employees


  • For tracking the progress of employees in English-language training programs


What Kinds of Jobs Use the TOEIC?

Job categories for which the TOIEC has been found useful include desk clerks in hotels, mechanics servicing equipment sold outside the manufacturing country, foreign sales staff, customs officers, managers, bank employees, and secretaries.

When Was the TOEIC Introduced?

The TOEIC was first administered in Japan in 1979. In 1982, it became available in Korea. Since then, the program has expanded its services throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas. In 1995, more than 933,000 exams were administered throughout the world. The test makers estimate that the total number of TOEIC exams administered annually is about 3 million.

How and Where is the TOEIC Administered?

The TOEIC is available internationally through two separate programs. Your local representative will help you decide the best way for you to take the test.

Choice 1: Taking the test in an open public session

These sessions are held on selected dates in different locations across the globe. Companies might want to send their employees to an open session test rather than administering the test on their own premises. People who wish to take the test but who are not affiliated with an organization that conducts on-site test administration must take the test at an open public session. Because public sessions are not yet available in every country, test-takers should check with the ETS representative in their countries regarding the availability of these open sessions.

Choice 2: On-site test administration

The TOEIC serves the needs of corporations and government organizations that have a number of people that they want tested at once. On-site tests are administered under secure conditions as they are supervised by both the client organization's staff and by ETS.

Tests that are taken on-site or at an open session are all scored only by ETS or its representatives.

To find out more information about taking the TOEIC via either method, be sure to contact your TOEIC representative. Information on contacting your TOEIC representative can be found at the TOEIC website at www.ets.org/ell/representative.html.

An Overview of the TOEIC

The TOEIC is a standardized test, meaning that it consists of certain types of multiple-choice questions, is given to a large number of people at the same time, is graded by computer, and is timed. Because we at Kaplan have studied many past TOEICs, we can tell you what form the test will take and the kinds of questions that will appear on the test.

Format and Content

The TOEIC is approximately two hours long and consists of 200 multiple-choice items. If you include the time it takes to fill in the answer sheet and background questions, the test is about two and a half hours long. The test breaks down as on the chart below.


Section One -- Listening Comprehension

Part I Photographs 20 items

Part II Question-Response 30 items

Part III Short Conversations 30 items

Part IV Short Talks 20 items

Total 100 items

Total Time 45 minutes

Total Score 5-495

Section Two -- Reading

Part V Incomplete Sentences 40 items

Part VI Error Recognition 20 items

Part VII Reading Comprehension 40 items

Total Items 100 items

Total Time 75 minutes

Total Score 5-495

TOEIC Totals (Listening and Reading)

Total Items 200 items

Total Time 2.5 hours (includes time for filling out forms)

Total Score 10-990


TOEIC scores are obtained by adding up the total number of correct responses for Listening Comprehension and for Reading. The totals for these two sections are multiplied to arrive at a scaled score of 5 to 495 for each section, with a total score from 10 to 990. These scaled scores allow scores from different TOEIC tests to be compared accurately. (The Practice Test at the back of this book includes a sample score conversion chart, so you can get some idea of how you will score on the actual exam.)

Something to remember when you are looking at your TOEIC score is that there is no failing or passing score for this test. The TOEIC was developed to assess the English proficiency of people who will need to use English in a professional capacity. It does not measure 'achievement,' which is why there is no passing or failing score. But many companies who use the TOEIC to set their own standards might require employees to have a certain minimum score on the TOEIC because the corresponding level of English is what is needed for that job. This doesn't mean that a person passes or fails the TOEIC; it just means they met or did not meet the specific standards set by a specific organization. Individual organizations will set their own standard scores to meet their own needs, but a very general idea of how TOEIC scores translate into English proficiency can be seen in the chart on the following page.

Important: Since the test calculates only the number of correct responses, and since you don't lose points for incorrect responses, you should fill in every item rather than leave any blank. This book will teach you how to narrow down the possible options for each answer so that you come closest to picking the correct one, but even if you do not know the answer, guess! After all, you may, with luck, score a point; if you leave an answer blank, however, you receive no credit.

Answer Every Question

On the TOEIC, you don't lose points for incorrect responses, so you should try to answer every question.

If you don't know the answer, guess!

The TOEIC Service recommends that a TOEIC score be considered valid for up to two years. However, an individual who took TOEIC less than two years previously, and who has greatly boosted his or her language skills during that period, may find that his or her previous TOEIC score has become outdated.

Your TOEIC score is confidential. Information about your performance is available only to you and to the administering institution. Institutions may disclose individual candidate information to staff only on a need-to-know basis and are not to post scores on bulletin boards or other public places without the permission of the test takers.

The chart on the next page will give you an idea of how TOEIC scores measure English proficiency.


TOEIC Score of: 200 Proficiency Level: Elementary Proficiency



Also this book


Book Description
The Test of English for International Communication is taken by students for whom English is their second language. It is required by many businesses and institutions in the English-speaking world when those students apply for positions. This new edition of Barron?s test prep package has been updated to reflect the most recent TOEIC exams. The illustrated manual presents six full-length model tests and a reading comprehension review. This special test prep package includes the manual along with four compact discs that present a thorough listening comprehension review. The CD program has been designed to coincide with listening comprehension material that is presented in the manual. The compact discs can also be purchased separately.

In-depth Preparation Includes
Six full-length model tests
All questions answered and explained
Exercises to improve your English comprehension, grammar, and usage
An overview of the TOEIC that explains the test structure so you know exactly what to expect when you take the actual test
Test-taking tips to help you achieve a good score

Plus 4 Audio Compact Discs
Presenting Listening Comprehension Sections of All Practice Tests





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